Sam’s Inn is located in a prime spot for your daily attractions. Grenada is a small island, but we gaurantee you will find many new things each time you visit us. Here are some of the attractions we recommend for short day trips!


Grenville is the countries second largest city, and also the capitol of St. Andrew’s parish. Lots of great shopping, fresh sea-food and Grenadian history is found here, and we’re only a 5 minute drive to the city.

Bathway Beach

Bathway Beach is a fantastic secluded beach found on the north side of the island. Warm atlantic waters, and a natural reef in the water to protect from harsh waves is found here. Small islands popping up in the distance is a surreal picture, and you can be there in about 30 minutes from Sam’s Inn.

River Antoine Rum Factory

River Antoine Rum Factory is located just 15 minutes from our location. Tours available, and of course – fresh Grenadian rum! Continue on your way to go to fresh water lake Antoine for a swim!

Annandale Falls

Annandale Falls is located just 30 minutes from Sam’s Inn that will leave you and your family in awe. One of dozens of water falls on our beautiful island, easy access makes Annandale great for families!

Grand Etang

Grand Etang is the countries rain forest, and located at the very top (easily accessible by car) is a very large fresh water lake… Grand Etang Lake. This area has some world class hiking that will show you some of nature’s most amazing work.

Sailing & Yachting

Sailing & Yachting is a very popular past time in Grenada, and the world is just starting to realize how perfect our island and surrounding waters are for this sport. Stay, or stop by Sam’s Inn while you are visiting!


Sam’s Inn is also the home of a Geo-Cache for our GPS fans. One of only 3 on the island, do you have what it takes to find it? Stop by and see!